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As Senior Industrial Designer, I was part of the product development process at all stages.  From brainstorming, ideation and sketching, to the preparation of images for marketing materials (print and web).  At Fred’s studio, we developed between 70 and 80 new products per year. After a product idea is given the green light, I 3D modeled many of the products in Solidworks considering manufacturing processes and materials, communicating directly with manufacturers under daily basis to ensure our design specifications are followed. We designed products manufactured in different metals, plastics, silicone, glass, ceramic, wood, and paper. Each material and project represented a particular challenge, in many cases developing special mechanisms to allow certain products to work properly. All images for marketing are assembled by the graphic design team with product renderings for packaging and environment images I rendered in Keyshot based on their requests, taking into consideration lighting, perspective and environment. The products shown below are among the many I modeled, led to production, rendered product images, environment images, and even 3D modeled and rendered the packaging shots.

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