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Industrial Designer experienced in product design, branding, sourcing and manufacturing. Consultant for various companies worldwide working on promotional products ranging from desk and office items to small electronic pieces, perfume bottles, cosmetics and electronics packaging, as well as innovative technology-driven product development and design. Possess strong sensibility for aesthetics and solid technical skills. Started Industrial Design education at Universidad de Los Andes in Mérida, Venezuela, and later received a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design degree from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

Currently working as a Senior Industrial Designer at Igloo's hydration and drinkware division, in charge of the development of new product lines targeted at specific consumers, in collaboration with the Graphic Design department and in direct contact with factories to ensure proper engineering and manufacturing, always keeping innovation and trend in the forefront. At the same time working with a small number of select clients to help them bring their products and brands to market by understanding their needs, and the values of the targeted audience. Analyzing the main variables that drive clients' needs, such as budget, quality and time, allows me to develop strategies that fit their business plan and vision best, while collaborating with partners in various industries and disciplines around the world which allows me to offer a solid network of creative and technical professionals, determined to take my clients’ products and brands to the next level, and give me the flexibility to adapt to different scenarios. 

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